Exclusive Interview with Erlend Oye (I mean.., Exclusive)

September 24, 2008 at 3:29 pm (GATRA, Journal, Musique, Reportage) (, , , , , , )

an Exclusive Interview with Erlend Oye, by Maya Soetoro Dwidjo

Lampiran I

Obrolan terekam bersama Erlend Oye: Exklusif

Shortly, what do you call your music? The genre.

(Secara singkat, apa jenis musikmu?)

I don’t know. It’s hard to find it. I would wish I could find a good name for it.

When you are in childhood, what was your dream to be?

(Saat kamu kanak-kanak, apa cita-citamu?)

I think, to sing and to make song was definitely what I wanted to do but I never said that I wanted to be. But what I always want to do is to have a job that I’m enjoy it to do. That was a fun job.

When did you started to play music? How do you learn or study about music?

(Kapan kamu mulai bermusik? Bagaimana kamu mempelajarinya?)

I don’t really play an instrument before I was 16th.

I never studied. That’s the thing. I never studied music.

I played with my friends. We learn each other. Like a little bit there. A little bit there. Finnaly..(thus).

Along of your journey, have you ever found some difficult moment? If so, how do you handle it?

(Selama perjalananmu, pernahkah kamu menemukan masa-masa sulit? Bila ya, bagaimana kamu mengatasinya?)

Well, the whole very much point for making a song is that you are making a song about at difficult moment. About something sad for example. It is such an amazing thing that you can turn something sad into something beautiful. That is the main reason for making music, you know..?

I experience something sad in February 2000, for example. And then, in 2006, I played this song in Bandung. And everyone knows about this. And everyone sings along to this moment. And you can go back to this moment that you write about. And it seems it makes you so optimistic. It means that, you know, you can set your mind to do something and it multiplies.

Along of your journey, who’s the person that really support you?

(Sejauh ini, siapakah orang yang paling mendukungmu?)

My mom. Yes, the one I’ve told she is a panter. She’s the one who is always supported me. Well a lot of people.., I think, everyone meet a lot of resistance when they want to become. My mom has supported as she could possibly be.

For all around the world. In your opinion. Make a definition or meaning of a Mom or Mother?

(Katakan pada dunia. Dalam opinimu, apa definisi atau makna seorang ibu?)

For me, Mom is the person that makes you feel the more save. I guess the person that you can trust the most.

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